Best Native Ad Networks For Sponsored Content Ads

Simultaneously with the immense growth in the field of the science and technology, a significant change in the mode of advertising is also speculated which is only because of the evolvement of the native Ad networks. In the recent days, internet has become an important platform for advertising.

best Native Ad Networks- Sponsored Content

The native ads become the perfect solution to provide interesting advertisements to the online audience by the simplest method. It doesn’t matter whether you are an advertiser or a content publisher. Having great impact over the marketing, the native ad networks surely have enough capability to enhance your earnings a lot.

Let’s have a glance over the top 5 best native ad networks which exists as of now in the following.



best native ad networks revcontent

Being one of the fastest growing ad networks, it has become able to reach more users than the Amazon as well as Youtube due to their partnership with the leading sites like Newsweek,, Christian Post &Diply etc. Being too much too choosy in nature, they reject almost 98% applications for being its partner. This results in higher revenue rates as well as higher engagement rates for their partners too. They have recently introduced Revcontent V2 as a part of their product improvement program. This upgrade version offers not only the more user-friendly interface but also transparent reporting as well as hassle free widget customization process. Revcontent now powers over 250 billion content recommendations per month and partners with the biggest branded media outlets such as Forbes, Newsweek, The Atlantic, InTouch Weekly, Life&Style, and International Business Times. Read Full Revcontent Ad Network Review




After starting their journey in 2004, they have currently acquired 190K partners and produce 4 billion monthly impressions from 900 million users all over the world. Displaying specified targeted content either on the website or on the mobile is the main key lies behind the success of this ad network. By giving just 5 minutes time, you may get registered under their ad networks and become eligible for getting $20 weekly pay-out either via wire transfer or via PayPal. They self-serve platform is ready to make you experience 50% more traffic on your pages.

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After stepping in the advertising market in 2006, the Outbrain recently claims that they have more than 87% resident of the US by the aid of 150 billion recommendations & 15 billion page views per month. The brands and business linked with this native ad network reach to higher no of audiences by the aid of the highly reputed publishers like CNN, ESPN, Fortune, Atlantic Media etc. The user engagement in this ad-network significantly increases due to the behavioral targeting method. Read Full Outbrain Ad Network Review




Being a reputed content marketing platform Taboola, it offers ‘content you may like’ to online publishers for displaying contents like videos, articles as well as slideshows too. The publishers who are linked to this ad-network includes USA, BBC, Mail Online, TMZ & NBC News etc. Due to the pre-filtering mechanism, the recommend contents of this ad-network appears as higher than the others. Read Full Taboola Ad Network Review



gravity ads

Just after penetrating into the market of the advertising, they have a primary aim to personalize the entire web on the basis of the proper analysis of the tweet, status updates as well as web pages too. Personalized content recommendations as well as displaying of the sponsored content to the websites are done by the personalized plugins which are provided to the publishers present under this ad-network. This ad network has gathered highly reputed brands like Charles Schwab, Sony, Intel, Gap &Aol etc. under their hood. Read Full Gravity Ad Network Review


Native Ads


Nativeads is a premium native ad network, which can be run with AdSense. They have an approval process and responds to your approval within 12 hours. They don’t pay many rates per click, typically ranges around 1 cent to 2 cents a click.




Content ad is a much popular name which comes after Outbrain, Taboola and RevContent. They have a large network of advertisers and publishers. ad widget seems to be cleaner and spam free. Try if your website is rejected by RevContent, Outbrain or Taboola. also provides 100% fill rate and serves 25 Billion page views every month. Read Review.




Earnify is another well-known player in the field of native advertising. They have verity f ad units. Publisher may boost revenue with native advertising from earnify. Earnify is the native advertising company which offer an 80/20 revenue share, option to split-test CPA vs. CPC to make sure the highest revenue rates.




Mgid is another native ad network widely used by publishers. Though they have some bad reputation of serving spam ads, their ads do pay better. Most of the time product based ads and traffic source based ads will appear, you can expect upto $1 RPM.




Adblade is one of the biggest content-style ad platform available on the Internet. They are not too different from sponsored content ad networks like Taboola and Outbrain, though they require that their publishers should receive at least 500,000 monthly page views, to keep the inventory at a good quality for their advertisers. Adblade claims that the content style ad units receive three times extra clicks than standard display banner ads. Read Full AdBlade Review




AdyouLike started 5 years before and a known name in the field of native advertising. If you are not approved by premium native advertisers, here you may get a chance to get approved easily.




It is another native advertising based ad network. They provide native advertising for articles, videos, and music. Their ad widgets get integrated with publisher website theme. They offer automated placement over 100,000 target feeds.




Nativo is a Long Beach, CA startup aims to simplify native ads. Nativo is the leader in real native advertising: brand content delivered matched to the look and feel of publisher website, within publisher editorial streams, fully integrated on the publisher site, across screens to deliver. It has premium publishers like- The Street, Source Interlink Media, Kiplinger Washington Editors, USA Today Sports Media Group, Internet Brands, Entrepreneur Media, Reader’s Digest, Sandusky Newspapers and Investor Place Media.




Sharethrough was started as a video ad company but has become famous for in-feed native ads.  It’s not analyzing the content, but instead searching for factors that point whether people actually like it — clicks, views, social sentiment, and the relevance of the post to the social media conversation and current news. It has a verity of products that can help publishers and advertisers increase profit and ROI from native ads.




Triplelift is a bit new native network (started in 2013) with a growing number of publishers. They offer native ad widgets for publsihers to monetize their traffic through native advertising. It may be a good ioption to try for new publishers.


Yahoo Gemini


Gemini is the native ad network of Yahoo. Currently, Gemini accepts US publishers who operate as a company. Thus, if you’re residing in the US, you should give Gemini a try. Publishers worked with Gemini or are currently using Gemini are invited to share their experience with us in the comments below.


Below is the other native ad network which I found. I don’t have much info about this network. Feel free to share your thought on any of this network.



SmartyAds is an Advertising Platform providing integrated DSP, SSP and RTB Ad Exchange for advertisers and  publishers. SmartAds offers effective and transparent real-time Bidding programmatic exchange. They provide different types of campaign metrics including CPM, CPC, CPA, and СPI.

smartyads review

  • Platform provides different channels like display, native, video, and mobile content.

Read Full SmartyAds Review


PlugRush Review

Plugrush is an innovative online adult advertising platform or network, which came into existence before 10 years. This network was launched in 2007 and is self – serving in nature. It allows the users (both the publishers and advertisers) to sell a better quality traffic, to buy it and even to trade it. Around 30,000 websites are being involved in this global network of advertising.

Read Full PlugRush Review


convertise review ads

Convertise is an Ad Network which manage campaigns on a variety of verticals and solutions. helps Advertisers, Agencies and Publishers and Ad Networks to achieve their goals. They have access to many websites on different categories which help to manage and optimize for best results for advertisers.

Read Full Convertise Review 



Payclick is a Singapore based online native ad network. This network display content as well as product recommendations on publishers websites. The revenue models offered by this native ad network are CPC and CPM. It can be considered as an alternative to Nativeads native ad network.

Read Full PayClick Review


adsupply review

Adsupply is an online advertising platform which was launched in 2011 with its headquarters in Los Angeles, America. It is a private company that comes under the category of advertising and marketing. It was founded by Chris Corson and holded around 11 to 50 employees at the start with 1500+ publisher websites all over the world for advertising. This platform is highly transparent in nature and has direct relationship with its users. It is being accessed in around 230 countries all over the world.

Read Full AdSuppy Review 


Publishers are supported by Adlevel in gaining the attention of audiences by publishing the apt advertisements in their websites, which in turn enhances the familiarity of their websites. Some of the unique services offered are:

  • Enhanced rate of ECPM, where ECPM stands for Effective Cost per Mile.
  • Account managers with high experience in account management strategies.
  • Strong formatting of advertisements

Read Full AdLevel Review










Hope, this post on Best Native Ad Networks will be helpful for both publishers and advertisers. In case you have used it before, please share your experience with us in the comment section.

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